Canadian fraud investigators, Canadian government and mainstream media disseminated false information costing North American farm families in excess of $1,000,000,000 with at least two distressed farmers on suicide watch


Waterloo Regional Fraud Officers, the Canadian government and Canadian Media disseminated false information that ultimately cost North American farm families well over a billion dollars and perhaps the lives of at least two farmers who were on suicide watch; losses that continue to this day and will into the feature. Had I not intervened employing several radical tactics to shut down and bankrupt Arlan Galbraith, self-proclaimed “Saviour of the Family Farm” and his Pigeon King international Ponzi fraud, losses could easily have exceeded $150,000,000,000, that’s 150 Billion Dollars dwarfing Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme

The Waterloo Regional Fraud Detectives refused to properly investigate and lay charges until it was shown there was a victim; someone who had actually lost money; a position not shared by the IMF (“International Monetary Fund”) in their investigation of the collapse of the Albania economy due to pyramid/Ponzi schemes. Canadian Fraud Officers, the Government and the Mainstream Media were actually operating as the promoters, enablers and facilitators of this abominable Ponzi fraud.

IMF EXCERPT: “When pyramid schemes emerge, they should be dealt with swiftly and firmly. Companies believed to be operating pyramid schemes should be investigated. By definition, the liabilities of pyramid schemes exceed their assets, and the schemes fund payments to investors out of new investment inflows. To determine whether a company is operating a pyramid scheme, it is necessary to find out if it has real investments and if these investments are likely to be sufficient to cover its liabilities….

The investigation should be swift. If a company is found to be operating a pyramid scheme, it should be closed immediately. Allowing schemes to continue will result only in more inflows of deposits and greater losses. Governments can close these companies for a variety of legal reasons: the companies may be taking unlicensed deposits or operating businesses without licenses; they may be evading taxes; or they may be liable for prosecution for straightforward fraud.

If there is a strong presumption that companies are pyramid schemes, the government should freeze and, if necessary, seize their assets during the investigation. Once an investigation of a pyramid scheme has begun, the operators will try to steal as much of the assets as possible before the truth comes out.

The investigation can be conducted by the police, a government ministry, or the central bank. The key point is that the investigators should be able to recognize financial fraud and also to assess the value of company assets. If such expertise does not exist in the country, then the investigation can be conducted by outsiders; the IMF and the World Bank should be prepared to help governments find qualified outsiders, if necessary, either from other governments or from large international accounting firms with expertise in this area…..” END

So, by refusing my in-depth investigation of PKI I made public in the email sent to Alan Galbraith and refusing to follow the logic of the IMF and mathematical certainty, the illegal Pigeon Ponzi Scheme continued unabated until, as explained above I bankrupted the “Saviour of the Family Farm;”

Fact is…. I was the “Saviour of the Family Farms”… At least the 2,000,000+ North American farm families that had not yet signed onto this massive, abhorrent Ponzi scheme. It is what I do worldwide to protect potential victims of pyramid/Ponzi schemes and other fraudulent activity, as one can see perusing the various topics on this website.

Crook Arlan Galbraith

Collapse of Albania Pyramid/Ponzi Schemes.
David John Thornton … The Online Vigilante 4 Justice



The Email
August 20, 2007

International Fraud Investigation

Pigeon King International
Unit 4-299 Northfield Drive East
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2K 4H2

Att.: Arlan Galbraith:

RE: Illegal Ponzi Scheme and Money Laundering Fraud

Further to our conversation by telephone last week I have now personally concluded an investigation into your Business known as “Pigeon King International.”  Any further investigation or evidence gathering will only serve to bolster and support what we have already uncovered.

To put it bluntly, you are operating what for nearly a century now, is known as a “Ponzi Scheme.” These schemes are reprehensible in that they defraud unsuspecting and many instances financially desperate victims out of thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some victims lose their entire life saving, others are inadvertently plunged into debt from which they may never recover.

Young people, in this case young farmers, are defrauded of money they don’t have by arranging financing based upon false credibility, your duly registered, but nonetheless fraudulent “shell corporation” projects; and as bad or perhaps worse, these victims waste years chasing an impossible dream. Many of these frauds result in broken marriages and suicide. In the opinion of many judges, it is worse than bank robbery or other violent crimes noting perpetrators of some of these frauds have been given prison sentences of 50 to 100 year in the U.S.

Those in the early stages of these Ponzi schemes who may possibly recover their investment and make a profit become unwitting accomplices to your crime by passing on this reprehensible “business opportunity” to their friends and families who ultimately become the losers.  Many, such as those in the Mennonite community where you have introduced this fraud have spread it though out their community via their churches. The consequences when this scheme collapses will be catastrophic.

Farmers may be persuaded to leave their legitimate farming activities because, as you point out in your propaganda, they must purchase quotas and face regulations: for example, raising chickens, vis-à-vis raising racing pigeons and squabbling pigeons which is not only unregulated but you offer between $10 and $50 per pigeon “picked up at the farm gate.” That is between at least 1000 and more than 5000% better than chicken farming or any other legitimate farming activity. Others who have good jobs and benefits built up over the years in their “off farm employment” may be persuaded to give up those jobs in pursuit of this fraudulent dream you offer them. That is equally reprehensible.

We have determined that there exists no end market for your product neither the racing pigeons nor “squabbling” pigeons. The payments made to earlier investors come from the money generated from new investors. That in this country and a majority of countries in the free world is illegal. It is noteworthy that it is also illegal in many communist countries. The increase in the prices paid for raising these birds that you tout in your advertising propaganda are artificially set and continually inflated by your company since it is you that arbitrarily decide the “value” of these birds and are the only real “market” that exists for your victims to unload their product.

You indicate that your company is debt free. You claim that it is very successful; that you deal and millions of dollars and that you have been in business for a number of years. Therefore it is inconceivable that you would have attempted, not long ago, to raise money by offering 18% interest when in your stated financial position you should be able to obtain money at financial lending institutions for a few percentage points over prime rate. That again has all the “ear markings” of a pure, non product Ponzi scheme whereby the high interest rate paid to early “investors” is paid by the proceeds of later investors.” The reason you conveyed to me, that you are conducting this business to help out farmers and others is a well worn excuse used by many of those perpetrating Pyramid and Ponzi schemes and illegal “network” marketing scams disguised as legitimate business.

I’m willing to discuss this matter further with you, your family, your lawyer, or lawyers, accountant, bank and/or financial institutions you deal with. But the fact is, a simple accounting of your business would reveal that you and your family are operating an enormous Ponzi scheme that is mathematically unsustainable and the intention of CrimeBustersNow is clearly to shut your operation down and return to your victims, money they have been defrauded of through your illegal money laundering, racketeering activities. These frauds result in enormous damage to families and our country as a whole. Your son and daughter are involved in this scheme with you as it appears to be a family “business.”

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes are related offenses. With that said I would point out the attitude of at least one judge; Judge J. Weinper who wrote in his judgment in R. v. Richardson [1999] O.J. No 5160 No. 98/04385. ….. “Pyramid schemes are illegal under the laws of Canada. Parliament has chosen to make these schemes illegal.” ….. “….. You engage your son in this activity, as well, and that does cause me concern.”

“A scheme of this nature preys on people’s vulnerabilities and their inability to make more money in a legal fashion. It exposes people to the risk of losing money that they have earned legitimately.  And as I said, parliament has set out in the criminal code that this kind of scheme is illegal.”

HELD: The pyramid scheme preyed on other people’s vulnerabilities and exposed people to the risk of losing their money. This type of behavior had to be denounced.

Our advice to you Mr. Galbraith, is that at this date, August 20, 2007 you immediately cease and desist advertising this money-laundering fraud and cease and desist signing up any further victims in this unlawful scheme; that you contact the RCMP and/or the Federal Competition Bureau and acknowledge that you are conducting a Ponzi scheme and have now been exposed. This action may result is some mitigating circumstances. To do otherwise from this point in time, having been warned could result in a more severe penalty if, or when, you are ultimately convicted of conducting an illegal Ponzi scheme.

CrimeBustersNow exposes these frauds publicly by any means at our disposal particularly the Internet where the majority of these frauds are being perpetrated. There are many who are condemning this scheme on the Internet. Rumor has it that you will aggressively pursue, in the civil courts, anyone who defames your company. If you should so choose that option against me, be assured I will not, as many who attempt to expose these frauds and schemes, back down in the face of millions in a frivolous and vexatious civil law suits.

Question is … will this compilation of proven & provable information ever be acknowledged or properly resolved in this wilfully corrupt system?

David Thornton



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