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Officials Going After Canada’s Most Effective Pyramid Scheme Whistle-Blower — Again

Dave Thornton is indisputably a thorn in the side of Canada’s government and some government employees. He has repeatedly blown the whistle and exposed criminal pyramid scheme fraud, which the authorities were ignoring or, in some cases, joining. He is Canada’s most effective citizen watchdog against pyramid and Ponzi schemes. He has been featured on national Canadian shows, Market Place, Fraud Squad TV, and in the French language magazine, Protégez-Vous. Yet, in a country that has become infamous for allowing frauds, Thornton is treated by the government as a threat. Officials have even claimed that Thornton’s factual – and later fully vindicated – expose’s of Canadian pyramid schemes were “paranoid delusions.”

The infamous “Women Helping Woman” fraud originated in Canada before spreading worldwide and causing millions of victims. Thornton was a leading whistle-blower against that fraud.
More recently, the government  of Australia determined that a Canadian based multi-level marketing scheme, Canadian Diamond Traders is a pyramid fraud. Thornton has led an effort – to no avail – to get Canadian authorities to investigate this Canada-based scheme. Now, government school officials are claiming that Thornton “assaulted” a student while in front a school passing out literature that warned about pyramid recruiting among students. The alleged assault consisted of  “touching” a student’s wrist. Thornton denies the claim. He had sought and gained permission to pass out literature on public property and in full view of the school and the street. The court testimony from school authorities is contradictory.   The case, though appearing to be trivial and concocted, has had the effect of virtually stopping Thornton’s important  work. A single retiree with only modest means, Thornton maintains the website, Crime Busters Now. But with a keen eye for spotting fraud and the tenacity to speak out, he was instrumental in bringing down two of Canada’s most notorious criminal pyramid frauds.
One was called Pigeon King International, a financial Ponzi scheme that lured thousands of family farmers in Canada and some in the USA into a bogus pigeon breeding scam. Many farmers were ruined after mortgaging their farms to invest in the scam. The head of the scheme is now being criminally prosecuted. But for many months, as the scheme roped in more and more victims, Thornton sought to get regulators and police attention. The Canadian Competition Bureau (equivalent to the FTC in the USA), ignored the warnings and never took action, claiming technical definitions of a Ponzi, pyramid and multi-level marketing prevented regulatory action.
The multi-level marketing fraud, Business in Motion (BIM), recruited tens of thousands of victims all over Canada. Billboards promoted its pyramid “business opportunity.” Millions were invested in the endless-chain scam. Thornton personally accused the scheme of pyramid fraud but he could not get the Competition Bureau or Police to act. At some BIM recruitment meetings, uniformed Canadian police officers guarded the doors. It was known that government employees and some police were participating.

With Canadian officials allowing the scam to go on, the founder of BIM, Alan Kippax, sued Thornton for $10 million, charging that his claims of pyramid fraud were “defamatory.” Thornton defended himself, without an attorney, against a 24-person law firm… and won! The presiding judge concluded that though Thornton publicly called the scheme’s promoters “crooks”, he made a “prima facie” case that the scheme was, in fact, a pyramid scheme that paid earlier recruits with later recruits’ investments. The judge agreed that the court could not be a party to protecting such schemes.
The ruling of Judge Quigley should have been enough to prompt immediate government prosecution of BIM, but it was ignored by the Canadian Competition Bureau. [and Fraud Officers]

Canada’s highly respected investigative television news show, Market Place, on the CBC Network did an expose of Business in Motion.  In front of CBC cameras and later broadcast on national television, Canadian police arrested Thornton who was – peacefully and legally –  picketing in front of a BIM recruiting meeting. Canadian police arrested Thornton and took him to police offices; then they immediately dropped charges and released him, an apparent harassment to protect the scheme. [I was released in about an hour: charges dropped about two weeks later.]
Eventually, the scheme and some of its top recruiters were prosecuted by the government for criminal fraud. The president of the scheme that sued Thornton, Alan Kippax, is currently in prison. But now authorities have made a charge that could put Thornton in prison and ruin him personally. The “assault” charge has Thornton, again, facing the full power of Canada’s government all by himself.  For more information, reference  HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN v. DAVID J. THORNTON, Information# 10-1955, in Burlington Ontario, before Justice Cooper. The prosecuting  Crown Attorney is reachable at  491 Steeles Ave., E. Milton, Ontario L9T 1Y7,
Tel. (905) 878-7291.
Fax number of prosecutor. 905-693-3036   End
David John Thornton – CrimeBustersNow
Many thanks to Robert L. FitzPatrick of Pyramid Scheme Alert for his knowledge, experience, assistance and participation in my quest to bring down Alan Kippax’ gemstone pyramid fraud and Arlan Galbraith’s dangerous and abhorrent North American Pigeon Ponzi scheme.
How Persistent Whistleblowers Are Destroyed:  The rest of the story that has never been told by the media
Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments, Attorneys General, the Competition Bureau, the prosecutor’s office, RCMP and police on down, politicians etc, stood idly by watching a senior citizen being sued for $10 million dollars in a S.L.A.P.P.  (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) by a con artist (his father a cop) who recruited RCMP, government employees, lawyers, bankers, financial advisors, church ministers, teachers; someone from every profession imaginable. Challenge: find one profession where at least one individual is not involved in pyramid/Ponzi schemes.
This collection of law enforcement and fellow criminals they were protecting were, no doubt, convinced and elated at the prospect that I would be crushed by this ominous $10 million defamatory libel suit.  Self represented; up against a twenty-four lawyer law firm; told by more than twenty lawyers I had the “proverbial snowball chance” of succeeding; I nonetheless won that battle along with an 18 page precedent setting decision against MLM and Network Marketing fraud from the Ontario Superior Court….  The ruling confirmed that… Real Products Will Not Legalize a Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme.  So, when you hear… “Pyramid schemes, have no Product ” Google … tti bim v david thornton … Par [41]…
I continued pursuing this con artist Alan Kippax at great expense for another half decade through assaults, death threats, false arrests and perjury.  Kippax was finally arrested by RCMP outside the Province of Ontario (where the corporate offices of this fraud were located and protected by authorities) and finally sentenced to prison.
There exists billions upon billions of dollars in fraud being perpetrated across our country and worldwide.  Too much of it perpetrated by police officers from the RCMP on down; politicians, government personnel, corrupt lawyers, accountants, and many other professionals.  I have forwarded these complaints repeatedly in the past and received nothing but abuse.  Falsely arrested, beaten by jail guards my ribs broken, only to find upon my release, unbeknownst to me, that jail guards’ wives, even the wife of the Chief Of Police of Walkerton Ontario (convicted in an unrelated matter ) were actually the perpetrators of a massive fraud that swept the world. That was my first foray into the dark and incredible world of pyramid schemes… Google -“women helping women sacramento california” – Word Search “Canada” then “nurse”   I was threatened to be bombed, pushed into busy traffic  on three occasions; nearly run down: On one occasion after my face had been thoroughly pummelled I was knocked into traffic, actually hit by a car, and taken by ambulance to hospital.
In spite of all that and refusing to “keep my mouth shut” and “buckle under” in the face of intimidation, physical assault, death threats etc, I took my concerns with respect to another fraud (a massive multibillion dollar Ponzi scheme; Pigeon King International that a concerned and obviously frightened farmer informed me was sweeping Canada and the US that could have wreaked havoc on the whole North America community of farm families and associated businesses that rely on trade from farm communities) to the Waterloo Regional Prosecutor’s office where, instead of listening to my concerns called  police whereupon two brutal police officers from this well documented brutal police force in the Region of Waterloo Ontario, blocking my peaceful exit grabbed and threw me against the wall of an enclosed elevator out of view of witnesses, assaulting me… again.   Eventually I succeeded in destroying that massive multibillion dollar racket of this local con artist employing unorthodox, some would say bizarre, albeit, effective, legal tactics.  Arlan Galbraith a.k.a. “The Pigeon King; Saviour of the Family Farm”  was eventually also sent to prison when it became obvious that corrupt Canadian authorities could no longer protect him with their twisted perverted legal nonsense. Through it all I received support from US, not Canadian authorities, who along with the CBC and CTV national networks maintained “….this type of operation is clearly legal in Canada”… Actually encouraging North American farmers to “invest” in this fraud.
I was once again hauled into court on false charges, this time of assault and once again convicted on perjured evidence.  Handicapped with only a grade ten education and a very expensive “Degree” obtained in the “School of Hard Knocks” I nonetheless studied the law and without legal assistance or legal representation was able to launch an appeal in the Ontario Superior Court.  Up against a well-seasoned but corrupt prosecuting attorney I won my appeal over this vile corruption.
A well written story about my efforts to destroy this Ponzi scheme was published in the New York Times.  Google – “nyt pigeon king” – Word Search “Thornton.” Two things are inaccurate though. 1) was provided by a vindictive literal loser whom I personally called and warned could lose thousands of dollars even his farm.  He refused to listen and shortly thereafter lost at least $125,000…. At great expense I went out of my way attempting to save North American farm families individually “investing” up to $1.5 million including this ingrate, Dale Leifso’s small fortune of $125,000…. In return this ingrate,  bad mouths me  to the New York Times attempting to undermine and besmirch my credibility….. So much for gratitude.
Contrary to assertions and attempts to smear me, claiming I was cold-calling farmers preemptively late at night… I  called farmers at night by invitation only because their now concerned wives would explain that their husbands worked from morning to night and would I mind calling back then; they were usually in before 10 PM.
Whistleblower & protest haters including cops, prosecutors, government officials, politicians and even some judges will lie, exaggerate and twist anything in their attempts to discredit us  and what we do.
Secondly, in the case of false allegations that I physically assaulted a young student; I did not win an appeal on “procedural grounds” alone as reported in the NYT.  I was hauled into court on false charges and convicted on perjured evidence.
It was bazaar. I had mistaken two elementary school children for high school students. Frightened and willing to provide false statements these frightened children perceiving what authorities obviously wanted to hear, due to the demeanour and suggestions they were subjected to,  which is well documented in child psychology, they were easily manipulated into lying by the school’s principal, vice principal, police and others, definitely “out to get me” …the truth be damned. Consider… many police officers from the RCMP on down, teachers, school board officials, lawyers, government employees etc, etc,  were the very perpetrators of the frauds I was warning students about:  Authorities were well aware of who I was exposing.
The children’s evidence was false and contradictory, and the alleged victim actually recanted and earlier statements to police, some, actually on police video. Court testimony of having been forcibly grabbed by the wrist, physically pulled and forced to listen to my warnings, is not only false and ridiculous but recanted.  I ask readers… Who would physically assault a child in broad daylight in front of an elementary school and in front of her friend then give the children a pamphlet and a business card with his name, telephone number, website (where his photograph and identity can be easily accessed) then ask the alleged victim and her friend to have their parents call him?  Absolutely bizarre!  With untold thousands of students in hundreds of schools across Ontario and across Canada willing to listen, AND condemn police, why would I take the chance of physically forcing two unsophisticated elementary school children to stay and listen to me? Besides they may have been trained to scream, scratch, kick and bite a stranger who grabs and pulls them inadvertently accumulating DNA evidence. Can readers see and understanjust d how ridiculous the ignorant police, corrupt prosecutor and this bizarre and biased judge acted in this bizarre and brutal comedy of absurd stupidity.
After a great deal of cross-examination the alleged victim’s friend straight forward and casually volunteered this simple explanation. She did not fear this kindly old man  trying to protect students against pyramid fraud but rather for this reason..    Court appointed attorney.. Q.  All right. And where did you run to?  A.  We ran to my house.  Q.  All right.  Did you call the police?  A.  No.  Q.  Why not?   A.  I didn’t want to tell my mom.  Q.  That’s why you didn’t call the police right away?  A.  Yeah, I was too scared to tell my mom.  Q.  And —  and why would you be too scared to tell your mom that?  A.  Because I didn’t know if she’d get mad at me for being there with a stranger.” END   –  “Truth Rises to the Top.”
The court appointed attorney after cross-examining the children and hearing their false and frightened contradictory statements, finally arriving at the truth, assured me, with confidence … “This case is going nowhere.”  Nonetheless, this bizarre and biased trial judge shocked us both by rejecting the evidence and convicting me anyway.  Despite the bias and corruption I won on appeal.
This is only some of the abuse I received as a concerned citizen and whistleblower attempting to help my fellow citizens especially University, College, High School Students and even 14 year-old Kids and others avoid being recruited into these criminal schemes and then unwittingly recruiting fellow students into this criminal activity leading to billions in losses, suicide attempted murder  and murder. All this ignored in Canada by federal and provincial governments, politicians, the RCMP, police on down, prosecutors media etc, (too many of whom are the very perpetrators of these schemes) and still to this day being ignored.
Once again… THEY WILL NOT LISTEN!!!  After shutting down several of these schemes and FORCING the prosecution and conviction of two of these con artists (readers may wish to inquire how I achieved that) and after these con artists receiving prison sentences I felt authorities had learned something.   But alas they have not. It still continues. The system is the same; corrupt, incompetent, brutal police unable or unwilling to understand these frauds and too damn arrogant to except assistant from professionals, such as myself, as was urgently impressed upon world government lawmakers by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) after the collapse of the Albanian economy in 1997 under the weight of pyramid/Ponzi schemes with the death of some 2000 citizens in riots as a result of these schemes imploding.   Google  -albania jarvis-   then Word search “2000” then word search “expertise.”
So I fight on. You may see me on the streets of Québec City with my bullhorn and protest signs; in parks, in front of police stations, Parliament buildings, prosecutors offices, universities, colleges, high schools, perhaps outside elementary schools since unconscionable fraud artists have actually targeted those as well. You might also witness me beaten up on the street or killed by organized crime or brutal corrupt cops. But if vile, unconscionable con artists can solicit 14-year-old children right on the property of elementary schools and not be arrested, then surely a whistleblower can stand outside school property and warn children that cops, teachers, a famous TV actual surgeon, and even a deputy judge have been involved in multi-million-dollar fraud targeting them.
David John Thornton Online Vigilante 4 Justice
vigilante –  noun: “a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.”…… [and/or corrupt]
Not ALL judges are biased and corrupt – Judge Quigley Superior Court of Ontario June 2006 …
Relevant Paragraphs in $10 mil lawsuit
Par [8] [9] Shut Down in UK   @ [24] Thornton may have caused irreparable harm to the TTI and BIM businesses. Indeed it is admitted by the respondent that that is exactly the result his actions were intended to have… [33] In my opinion it would be inappropriate for this court to enjoin the conduct of even a self appointed crusader, [vigilante] such as Thornton….. [34] the court understands the need to scrutinize carefully the activities and motivations of self-appointed champions, such as Thornton.  However the threshold for scrutiny is lower in a case such as this, in my view, when the self-appointed champion has raised a serious doubt that the businesses of the Plaintiff are legitimate business ventures that have the right to be protected by our laws. [35] Clean Hands Doctrine Balance of Convenience… “In the absence of evidence that even begins to rebut the assertions made by Thornton….” [41] Prima Facie case of Illegality made out…. Note: authorities still refused to act and in date??? I was once again arrested this time by B.C. RCMP.  Kippax wasn’t sent to prison for another half decade.
David John Thornton Online `Vigilante 4 Justice