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The OFT U.K. (Office of Fair Trading) has begun an investigation into Fitzpatrick and Singh and their fraudulent "enterprises". The crime reference number for Fitzpatrick/Singh at the OFT is .... EPIC/ENQ/E/57571.
Remember, you received this information first on CrimeBustersNow April 14, 2009, years ahead of the corrupt Canadian Government, Canadian law enforcement, Crime Stoppers, even the near useless BBB, or the Canadian Media. And again .... that's the truth!
Dave - CBNow

A Very Serious Public Message From CrimeBustersNow

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GREAT NEWS!!! April 21, 2006.

Today, the Sheriff from Peel Region went to 4 Robert Speck Prkwy and 6205 Airport Road and seized assets of TTI.

The seizure at 4 Robert Speck Prkwy was emotional and Allan Kippax was there and called his lawyers from two floors up.

December 2005 NEWS FLASH .... U.K...... Treasure Traders International, after continual efforts by a few dedicated citizens, has just been closed down by the U.K. Authorities. Read the TTI’s  letter to its distributors.


Now, check the Business Credit Management site’s article.

Mission Done in UK!!!Click here.

A letter received by CrimeBustersNow

“I too invested $3600 of my summer job earned money in this company, being told that it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Being inexperienced in business since I am a high school student, none of the promises I was told by this company were fulfilled. The opportunity to make $21,000 seemed extremely attractive, so I purchased 3 spots in pressure from the person who invited me, as well as Mr. Kippax himself (since I went to the head office).

Seeing their building (I was told it was HP’s old building), I thought this was a legitimate business opportunity, but I now know otherwise.

Is there any way I can recover my funds? I was hoping to earn money to put towards my university tuition next year, but now even the money I made in the summertime is all gone, and I am in a much worse position than I started off in. What to do? Please help.

Also, is there anything I can do with these certificates? Please help."

Ontario High School Student


We do not need these scam artists in our country robbing our communities and our students..... President CrimeBustersNow.

Alan Kippax, the money-laundering criminal responsible for this student's losses and the loses of 10's of thousands of victims in Canada and world-wide, is using his illegally obtained millions, sadly from his victims no less, in a "money muscle" $10,000,000 law suit  in an attempt to close down this website. Don't let him do it!!!

CrimeBustersNow neither retracts anything said or published about Treasure Traders International, Business In Motion, their affiliates or distributors in this Pyramid Fraud nor apologizes to Alan Kippax or any of the above named or those about to be named. CrimeBustersNow is determined to defend vigorously in court our right to inform and protect civic causes and to counter-sue this criminal for the protection of all.

We, at CrimeBustersNow, desperately need the victim's and public's help to keep up this expose' and direct action fight against white collar crime on the internet, in the workplace, in our universities, colleges, now even in our high schools and in our homes. We intend to "root them out" and expose them and their smooth fraudulent scams to the light of day whether in the government, police telemarketing schemes, gemstone pyramid scams promoted by corrupted police, and corrupted government employees etc., phony "ticket scams" and others targeting seniors, and counterfeit goods and dangerous counterfeit CSA & UL safety label fraud that can burn your homes and kill your children.

But, we need your financial support. Give to the one organization in Canada unafraid to "tell it the way it is." The non profit organization that names names of criminals and their organizations. No hedging, no withholding, no cop-outs, no cover-up, no pulling punches. We work with other whistle-blowers, many anonymous, within government, school boards, policing, banking, and corporations worldwide. CrimeBustersNow informs you NOW not years after the damage is already done. But we desperately need your financial assistance. A little from everyone will go a long way to "nail" these clever brainwashing crooks that rob from our seniors, our youth and our communities.

President CBN. 


On Friday November 28th 2003 @ 7 PM Central, ABC's program, Dateline, attacked gifting schemes. Apparently $500 million is defrauded from Americans annually. However, the earliest reports revealed the 1-2-4-8 $40,000 pyramid fraud actually came from Canada in 1998. 

Today, Pyramid Companies (fraud), such as Treasure Traders International, now reincarnated as Business in Motion, are cashing in on the same scam by attempting to thinly mask this criminal offence with over-appraised gemstones and other products.

It is not difficult to uncover Pyramid Schemes in Canada. The problem is to get the government and police to act to enforce the law or to even name the scams or alert students. 

Gifting Pyramid Schemes permeate every province. Many Pyramidal companies, disguised as MLM companies, have adopted this 1-2-4-8 pyramid and are defrauding citizens exponentially across this country and the world.

“WEW”, dubbed the fraud of the decade, caused devastating harm throughout Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and the world.

There is now a proliferation of product masked pyramid frauds based on this same illegal system. It is well recognized and settled in law that products do not legalize pyramid frauds or magically turn them into legitimate MLM (Multi Level Marketing Companies.) as these crooks "brainwash" their victims into believing.

Global Calgary report: "Calgary RCMP, Staff Sergeant Bill Ralstin says it's easy to spot a pyramid.

He says if you make more money from recruiting other people to join than from the sale of a product then it's a pyramid.

"If their emphasis seems to be totally on recruiting and how big and wonderful this program is going to become through recruiting and you're going to be rewarded by your recruiting then it's a pyramid", says the Commercial Crime detective.

He says buying a product to get into the scheme doesn't make it legal either.

He says you're just buying the right to recruit people into the program."  

What is bothersome to CrimeBustersNow is that this Mountie gives only "lip service" to this fraud but neither he nor any of his force has done anything to shut Kippax and his criminals down! In fact, members of his force and the general attitude of the RCMP has actually assisted Kippax and the proliferation of white collar criminals. They have turned their backs on victims being ripped off for millions and now high school students. (MacLean's  Magazine January 30 2006) [Click on the picture of the Montie left upper corner]   These victims reportedly even ripped off by members of his own force and their families who are in the scam. 

This quote is contained in a report as a result of an investigation by the Attorney General - State of Maine about the origin of this familiar 1-2-4-8 pyramid fraud.

"The earliest media reports of "Women Helping Women" came from Canada in July of 1998 and according to ABC's Dateline, which ran a piece on the pyramid in February, it has spread to 13 American states in the west, the southwest, the Midwest and one northeastern state  Maine. If you look at the map of the US with the states that have the pyramid highlighted, Maine sits up at the top like a sore thumb, says Povich, who has appeared on television and radio to warn women about the illegal pyramid, and is named in the  "A Woman's Project  lawsuit”.

Today, this 1-2-4-8 pyramid fraud is causing serious problems in Ireland where citizens are being assaulted and threatened. In secondary schools, 1 in 5 teachers, according to news sources. are being threatened by misguided students now drawn into these frauds.

Please, do your part in assisting CrimeBustersNow to get our message to citizens in Canada and around the world, particularly into the schools, to seniors and the financially desperate.

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The Canadian government, police, Phonebusters, Crimestoppers, the BBB, Chamber of Commerce, Ontario Securities Commission and media are not informing the general public of all the facts. CrimeBustersNow... IS!!

Google search Women Empowering Women ... the participation by politicians and police relatives covered-up by the OPP and government officials. Thousands of women lost millions in "WEW" pyramid fraud. TTI is a clone of that very pyramid.

If you, your family, your friends or associates have been defrauded by any of these pyramid frauds, past or present, telemarketers claiming to be selling tickets for handicapped kids, or other disadvantaged,  the global "White Van Speaker Scam" or other scams or questionable telemarketing practices, please, tell your stories at the links - bottom of page.

If you have names of politicians, police, judges or lawyers etc., involved in these scams, please, tell us. 

If you work in a government office or police or anywhere and you have information of a cover-up, photocopy with surgical gloves and send in a plain envelope to:

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Photos of extremely vicious cops were sent to a reporter back in the days reporters had “guts” and forced the media to “report” their stories, not “gut” them or “dump” them, resulting in a huge public enquiry and several extremely brutal racist officers “leaving” the Waterloo Regional Police Force.

CrimeBustersNow has only become necessary because of government and police inaction and cover-ups, and a mainline news media that is corporate and lawyer driven, lax, some would say delinquent, others liable-phobic or “gutless”.

If you become aware of new scams, tell us.

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CrimeBustersNow is the only organization in Canada telling it the way it is and doing something actively about it.


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